Posts made in April, 2015

Cafeology cultivates bird-friendly coffee

Cafeology places a deep-seated respect for nature at the heart of its coffee-sourcing activities. Cultivated under the shade of tropical canopies, its new Bird Friendly coffee is farmed in a way that protects the Guatemalan rainforest, encourages migratory birds to flourish and improves growers’ livelihoods. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world – after oil – with more than 5m tonnes produced each year. However, growing coffee conventionally damages the environment, affecting nature’s ability to deliver the vital products and services upon which we depend. Coffee...

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Carbon Tracker measures oil and coal risk for investors

The Carbon Tracker Initiative (CTI) has created waves in the global debate on finance and climate change by launching two reports that allow investors to measure the risk associated with oil and coal investments. Known as the ‘Carbon Supply Cost Curves’, the reports empower investors with vital information to challenge investments in fossil fuels and begin the journey to divestment.  Recognising the importance of leveraging the financial muscle of capital markets in the fight against climate change, CTI set out to transform communications between investors and fossil fuel companies. It...

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Shared Interest Society offers loans to Fairtrade producers

Shared Interest Society is helping fair trade farmers across the world to access the capital they need to grow their businesses and support their communities. Through its innovative investment scheme, around 9,000 UK members have invested £32m in share accounts, enabling the society to support hundreds of thousands of smallholders with vital loans and credit services at affordable rates. The world’s 450m smallholder farmers provide 70% of all food cultivated. Yet despite playing a crucial role in sustaining our global population, many farmers in developing countries live in poverty, unable...

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