Posts made in August, 2012

How much water do you eat? (Wonderwater Café)

As the pressing issues of water and food security zoom into focus at World Water Week, not-for-profit group Wonderwater is preparing to ask UK consumers: ‘How much do water you eat?’. PR professional Katharine Earley explores its founders’ innovative approach to ‘telling the story’ of the water footprint of food through the medium of design, and considers how this may help to inspire consumers to make responsible choices by bringing complex water scarcity issues to life in an accessible way. How much water do you eat? This is the question posed by Wonderwater to consumers,...

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Ethical Fashion Forum SOURCE Summit 2012 Review

SOURCE gathered more than 100 of the world’s most progressive ethical fashion experts, brands and designers in London this month for a series of stimulating, informative discussions on some of the most fundamental themes in sustainable fashion today: impact, visibility, education and systems. SOURCE contributor Katharine Earley reviews the most inspiring moments of the conference and summarises the many positive suggestions to arise from our diverse working groups. The Olympic buzz in central London was palpable as ethical fashion pioneers from every corner of the fashion industry met at...

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Maria Grammatico and her famous ‘Pasticceria’ in Sicily

Sicily’s rich tradition of ‘dolci’ has been shaped by many diverse cultural influences throughout history, from the almonds and oranges introduced by the Arabs to the cocoa beans introduced by the Spanish to the island’s industrious pastry-making nuns. Each dominant culture left behind its own cultural and gastronomic imprint, setting in motion a permanent love affair with all things sweet. We explore one heart-warming story of a modern day Sicilian legend whose famous ‘pasticcini’ are celebrated throughout Italy and beyond. Maria Grammatico was one of six children born into a...

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