Posts made in July, 2014

Solar innovations begin to reach scale in Africa

Energy access remains a major challenge in Africa, keeping millions trapped in poverty and slowing economic growth. Some 550m people on the continent lack electricity, with many off-grid families using costly kerosene oil to light their homes after dark, exposing themselves to noxious fumes. With the pace of electrification proving no match for Africa’s explosive population growth, renewable energy innovations, including solar, stand to make a significant contribution to improving lives, according to a new report by the Green Alliance. Indeed, solar is starting to reach scale in Africa,...

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Can sharing economy businesses stay authentic as they grow?

The sharing economy provides almost limitless opportunities for businesses and individuals to profit from sharing unused assets – anything from office space to power drills – with flourishing online communities. Users often trade with peers, adding a human element to the experience. So what happens when sharing companies grow? Can they retain their authenticity and appeal? This week, ParkatmyHouse, the online marketplace for peer-to-peer parking space rental, revealed it will offer parking spaces at major hotels and car parks, as well as on people’s home driveways. The company,...

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