Posts made in March, 2015

How businesses can engage consumers in their sustainability stories

Communicating simple, inspiring stories of corporate efforts to tackle complex, interrelated social and environmental issues is an ongoing challenge for today’s businesses. Somewhere amid the cacophony of sustainability communications, consumers (otherwise known as people) are fast reaching information overload. And as the effects of so-called ‘greenwashing’, scandals and climate change doom-mongering take their toll, apathy is taking hold. Just 28% of people globally believe business is doing enough to protect the planet and contribute to society, according to Accenture and the UN...

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Better Cotton Initiative: Taking sustainable cotton mainstream

Cotton is all around us: in our clothes, our furniture, our sheets and towels, even our bank notes. To meet global demand, millions of smallholder farmers cultivate 25m tonnes of cotton annually, with a further 250 million people working in cotton production. Their livelihoods depend on it. But growing cotton conventionally poses risks to the environment, workers’ health and our future supply of fresh water. Some2,500 litres of water are required to produce one tshirt, according to the Water Footprint Network. The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) seeks to tackle these issues head on....

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