Posts made in October, 2014

How are 21st century corporates and charities partnering for success?

ColaLife is no ordinary charity. The small UK entity has created a successful business plan and distribution model for its pioneering anti-diarrhoea kit in Zambia by learning from Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson. It has just distributed its 50,000th kit and has ambitions to replicate the model in at least three other countries. Reaching families in remote developing communities with medicines to tackle diarrhoea, the second biggest killer of children under five, is a steep challenge. In sharp contrast, social entrepreneur Simon Berry had often wondered – why is it that anywhere you go...

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Five ways to cut food waste and save money

One third of all food produced annually – some 1.3bn tonnes – is wasted, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), costing the Earth in energy, land and water and creating 3.3bn tonnes of carbon emissions. As the global population swells to 9bn by 2050, improving the way we use energy and natural resources by cutting waste will be vital to producing enough food to go round. In the UK, for example, householders discard nearly 4.2m tonnes of good food and drink each year, with fresh vegetables and salad topping the list (19%), followed by drinks (17%) and...

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